How to create Magento categories.

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After installing Magento in our last lesson, now we’ll need to learn creating categories and also how to manage them. As we installed Magento with demo data, we’ll go forward with adding categories in existing item then replace demo to make installation production ready.

Log in to your admin panel then go to Catalog>Manage Categories. All available demo categories shown in the picture below. These demo category also assigned as main navigation menu in the front end. Magento categories overviewDefault demo category showing in the picture comes with Magento demo data version Each category can contains sub category as showing left side of the picture. Lets create a new one named Children along with existing Women and Men Category under default root category. Click + Add Subcategory on the left side of page, a blank category information box will appear in right side of the page. It has four tabs contains various category setting, First one is General Information, let’s fill it with necessary information for Children, which one we’re going to create.  Creating magento categorie Each category has an unique ID here we’ve got 41 for Children. General information tab contains basic category setting, cause of a long page I’ve spitted it in two picture and mark each point with number. First picture showing above marking point 1-7. Lets have a overview on each field.

  • 1. Contains category name, we set Children as demonstration in the picture and this name will shown in navigation menu.
  • 2. Is Active> Yes confirms that Category is available. No will deactivate any available one.
  • 3. Sets web path in URL Key, if you are changing path in existing category make sure to check Create Permanent Redirect for old URL.
  • 4. If you want to any category thumbnail image set it on Thumbnail images menu.
  • 5. Description field contains Category description, this text will shown up in the front end.
  • 6. Contains Category featured image to provide visual representation of available products.
  • 7. Page title for the category page.

Second part of the General Information tab marked 8-10 in next picture.Magento Gener setting seo

  • 8. Meta Keywords field for SEO purposes. This is not a very important field because modern search engine doesn’t count on meta keyword these days. If you wish to set meta keyword, use this field.
  • 9. Meta Description – sets short description for search engine, keep it with in 160 character.
  • 10. To make category available in navigation set Yes in Include in Navigation Menu.

Click Save Category button. Category will added to your existing list on the left side of the page. You can easily rearrange order by dragging mouse to targeted position. Now have a look on category  display setting tab below.  Magento category display setting

  • 1. Display Mode set what you want to display in category page from Products only, CMS block or both of them.
  • 2. CMS Block to set default category page look. This field’s option depended on theme design. We’ve set Category Landing Page Home comes with Madison Island theme.
  • 3. Is Anchor is an important field, set it Yes to active various shopping filtering capabilities to user.
  • 4. Manually specify shorting option or use global attributes.
  • 5. Set the shorting order alternatively use global configuration.
  • 5. If you want to specify price step in short order set it here or use config setting

Next tab holds Custom Category Design options. This tab is mainly used for setting special days page design like as Christmas, Valentine days etc. It gives opportunity to activate custom design from specific date range. As an example you’ve set an Valentine days design, after event is gone design will fallback to default.  Custom Design window shown below.Magento category custom designLast tab describe Category Product, You can chose product from existing category or create new set from scratch. Magento category product settingHere I’ve include some product from product list. Search and shorting option is available to add product in this window, once you’ve select your targeted item click Save Category button. That’s all for this lesson, hope it will help you to understand how to create and manage Magento Category.

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