Creating Magento attributes and attribute sets.

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Before jumping into creating attributes, let’s explore what is Magento attributes and attribute sets. On a eCommerce store each product has some information like price, description, model number etc. We can call these attributes. Some information may be in static format like description and some other let us option to configure from different product color or size. Have a look on this demo product.

magento attribute tutorial Attributes are marked with OK sign in the picture. Color and size are configurable attributes and required field here . Description and Additional information tab contains static attribute sets. Well enough, now its time to create our own, Log in to your admin panel and go to Catalog>Attributes>Manage Attributes. Attributes configuration page will come shown in next picture.

Magane Magento attributes Existing attributes shown in this picture, You can add new or edit any existing one from this page. Click +Add New Attribute button to add new one.

magento attribute propertyNew Product Attribute form shown in the picture. This form is divided in tow section, first one is Attribute Properties and second one is Frontend properties. We’ll start exploring from Attribute properties as shown in the picture marked with 1-8.

1. Each attribute contains an unique attribute code for back end. Capitals and space are not allowed, and must not exceed 30 characters.  We’ve set children_dress in this field, just use a meaning full name that make sense to your product.

2. Scope set the level of access from Website, Global or Store. For a single store and single product Global and Website could be used, but if you have a situation like same product in multiple store for different countries set the Scope level to Store View,  it will let you option to set different property to same product in multiple store. As an example a Children dress may have inches measurement and other store have in centimeters.

3. The third field Catalog Input Type for store Owner is most important field, define the type of attribute. It has almost every form element in option input, text area, drop down and radio button selection for Yes/No. Some of field value like drop down used to create configurable products (Actually you have to create different product for each configurable option). Other general field text field or text area mostly used to generate static information for price description etc.

4. From a configurable product some times we need to set a default value from drop down product list, it that case Default Value field could be useful.

5. If we need to set an unit value to each product, set Unique Value field to Yes. This field is mostly used to set item serial number or product ID.

6. Values Required field used to make an attribute field essential. Some times you have configurable product with no default values, You may want user manually select their matched color/size type attribute in that case make Values Required field to Yes.

7. Some attributes need to be validate by store owner, as an example you may want to sure that user entered Integer or valid email address in a specific field. If you have this type of situation select your targeted validation method in Input Validation for Store Owner field.

8. The last field Apply To sets where the attribute will used, it could be global by selecting All product types or any specified product category available in the drop down list.

Next section of the form contains Frondend properties setting shown in next picture.

 Magento attribute frontend properties1. Use in Quick Search is the first Frontend properties, set Yes to simply allows user to search by product attribute.

2. Same as first one, allows in Advanced customized search. Normally these two field mostly set to Yes.

3. You might be interested to let user compare to similar product set Yes in Comparable on Front-end.

4. Use in Layered Navigation is only available in configurable product, means user allowed to use Magento’s layered navigation for selecting all product with in specific criteria. Activate state has two option Filterable with Result and Filterable with No Result. Basic difference in between two option is product existence on selected attribute.

5.  Use In Search Results Layered Navigation field activated when Layered navigation is available.  Set Yes in field perform adds this attribute to the layer navigation panel when products contains this attribute are displayed in the search results in front-end.

6. You might have various discount offer on special days like Christmas offer. In that case set Yes in Use for Promo Rule Condition allows special discount on this product. If this field has No value, special promotion rate will not applied.

7. To sort the various attributes in the layered navigation in a particular order put the shorting order number (The lowest number shows in top) in Position field.

8. Allow HTML Tags on Frontend required to set Yes if any description type fields need to be filled with HTML codes.

9. Yes in Visible on Product View Page on Frontend confirms attribute will shown up in front-end. With No value attribute still can be used but it won’t visible to user.

10+11. This two field available on depending theme design. Yes basically allow user to short a product by various criteria like as lowest to highest size shorting.

We are not finished yet, Click on Manage label/Options to set title and configurable option. Looks like the next picture.

Magento attribute label option

I’ve set the same title in all four field, actually I don’t know what is French/German translation for Children Dress. If no value set in store view default admin will be used globally. If you make a configurable attribute, you’ll find Manage Option section just below the Manage Title to specify different option’s value. Finally rebuild the index once again and our attribute creation is done.

Creating Attribute sets:  In a piratical product we have multiple attributes like as price, description, color and so on. We already know how to create standalone attribute, now its time to create a attribute group so we can easily apply it to a particular product category. Go to Catalog>Attributes>Manage Attribute Sets then click +Add New Attribute button.

Creating Magento attribute setsGive a meaning full name and select any existing set on Based On field as parents. It could be any existing set, or Default sets comes with Magento. Click Save Attribute Set a new window let you option to customize your set as shown below.

edit magento attribute setsYou will find your custom created attribute in Unassigned Attributes section, just drag it right in your targeted group. Yes you can make own new group and remove, delete or re arrange these group item and its children. After necessary  change click Save Attribute Set. Your new attribute set is ready for adding products.

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